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Ready Golf Tour is a points-based league similar to NASCAR’s Sprint Cup and the PGA’s FedEx Cup.  The Tour consists of 10 regular season tournaments and a 2-round Playoffs tournament, played over two days, to determine the winners (See Tournament Schedule). During the course of the season, each player will accumulate points for each tournament in which he/she participates, which will be based on how he/she finished in each tournament (See Tournament Points). At the end of the season, we will use the points from each player’s best 7 finishes to calculate his point total on the Leaderboard. The player at the end of the regular season with the highest point total on the Leaderboard will be the #1 Seed for the Playoffs. However, the Ready Golf Tour Playoffs is not the only opportunity to win big on the Ready Golf Tour.

Tournament Prize Pots and Payouts

At the conclusion of each tournament, we give payouts from 100 percent of each prize pot in which the players choose to participate. Players can choose to contribute to any prize pot. Although prize pots are optional, we encourage all Ready Golfers to participate in tournament games so that they can immediately reap the benefit of having a good day on the golf course.

All Prize Pots are optional, to give players the flexibility to choose. When players participate in any one of the Ready Golf games, 100 percent of the prize pot is divided and paid out to the winners. The Prize Pots are listed below:

  • BIG Skins: A $20 Skins Pot that pays out for both Gross and Net skins.
  • High Stakes Skins: A $100 Skins Pot that pays out for both Gross and Net skins. *Note: High Stakes Skins pots are for select tournaments only. There is only one Skins pot per tournament, either BIG Skins or High Stakes.
  • Fun Pot: Combines the Net scores for all the Par 3’s and Par 5’s, for each player. The winners are the three players with the lowest scores.  First place pays 50%, second place pays 30%, and third place pays 20% of the pot.
  • Low Net (Handicap): Winners are players with the three lowest Net scores. First place pays 50%, second place pays 30%, and third place pays 20% of the pot.
  • Low Gross (Flighted, based on player’s handicap index): The winners are the players who shoot the lowest score in each flight (See Handicaps and Flights). The winner from each flight receives one-third of the Gross pot.


Handicaps and Flights

Before golfers can participate in a Ready Golf Tournament, we must determine their handicap index. Initially, handicaps from other clubs, groups, and websites will be honored; however, a Ready Golf Tour handicap will be calculated for each golfer who has competed in at least five Ready Golf Tournaments. Following the fifth Ready Golf Tournament, each player will have an official Ready Golf Tour handicap, which will determine his/her flight placement.

  • A Flight HCP Index = 0-7
  • B Flight HCP Index = 8-12
  • C Flight HCP Index = 13-20


In Ready Golf Tour Playoffs, all players who qualify for the Playoffs have an opportunity to win the championship, however lower seeded players will have to play well and win the tournament and get a little help from others to win. First, we award Playoff points in accordance with their seeding (or position on the Leaderboard); thus, those players with the highest seeding receive the highest points and those with the lowest seeding receive the lowest points. During the Playoffs, we will award Championship Points after each of the two rounds of golf. The Championship Points earned during the two rounds plus the Championship Leaderboard points are then combined to determine the player with the highest score. The player with the highest score becomes the Ready Golf Tour Champion!

Ready Golf Tour Championship Pot

The Ready Golf Tour Championship Pot is based on participation during the regular season: $20 per player, per tournament goes into the Championship Pot.


Tournament Points


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